SAHARA  -  Middle Eastern performer ,instructor and choreographer
The journey of an authentic Belly Dancer is a never ending process. Sahara has been studying the infamous Middle Eastern Dance for over fifteen years .  It began since Folkloric Dance which was an integral part of her family's life in Europe.  Being that dancing has been in her bones since she took her first steps .Upon arriving to America she instantly continued her journey with the tutelage and guidance of professional belly dancer Sadiya of Chicago, Illinois.  Succeeding Sadiya, Sahara continued on over the years by taking  classes and workshops  with master instructors and choreographers from Egypt, Turkey and  United States..

Besides studying various forms of Middle Eastern dance, Sahara has a strong passion for Flamenco, Gypsy Fusion, Burlesque and Tahitian dance which enhanced her unique style of belly dance.    She has built up the credentials to teach the art of Belly Dance for over 6 years now.
“Belly dancing made me become a better person and taught me to respect myself and others. It healed my heart when it was broken and made me feel stronger as a woman. It teaches you to look at life different and makes you enjoy the moment of life now." 
Sahara has also performed in many clubs and restaurants  in the Chicago area: Ramina, House of Blues, Joe's,Papagus, A LaTurka, L'Atar, Santorini, Parthenon, Sphinx, Elephant, Gibson’s, Veranda, countless parties and events. Sahara is available for performances and/or instruction for private as well as corporate events. Her performances are tasteful and family friendly by offering a cultural, fun experience that makes for great memories.


                                    Live    Love    Belly Dance
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